Hou-Met 43rd Annual Conference

Diagnosticians in Action from Beginning to End

November 1 - 2, 2018

Region 4 Education Service Center


TEA Updates (Action Plan) Panel 

Discussion with SPED Directors:

Dr. Brian Malechuk, Dr. Michael Webb, Dr. Cynthia Short

Moderator – Dr. Linda De Zell Hall

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Gail Cheramie

Dr. Andrea Ogonosky


Breakout Sessions

  • CLIM (XBASS) – Robert Misak
  • Dyslexia Identification – Kara Zwolinski
  • Dyslexia Identification of Bilingual Students – Katherine Muller
  • KABCII NU (Pearson Update) – Dr. Anise Flowers
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Updates – Dr. Tammy L Stephens
  • Early Childhood Evaluations – Dr. Susan Fascio–
  • Vereen & Stephanie O’Neal
  • Essentials for New Diag. – Roz Fink & Amy Brochhausen
  • Transition - Dr. Corinna Cole & Dr. Jaime Duran
  • Report Writing – Cheri Dryden
  • Interval Scores in the FIE – Dr. Mertie GomezCase Consultation: A Collaborative Model to Empower Evaluators
  •  Dayanara Ramos & Alyson Posey 

Registration is Open

 Region 4 Session ID 1360633


Region 4 Education Service Center

7145 West Tidwell Road

Houston, Texas 77092 

Hou-Met Conference News and Updates


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